Made in Africa with Love

For centuries, Africa has embraced natural skin care, enriching skin with deeply hydrating ingredients from plants overflowing with nourishment.

Now it’s time to share our African bounty with the world.

Our Products

Timeless formulas support timeless beauty. The ingredients in our products have been used in Africa for centuries to promote natural protection, nourishment, hydration and skin healing. With ancient knowledge, modern techniques, and ingredients from Africa’s rich and bountiful land, Shea Botanics has developed a range of deeply nourishing skin care products that leave your skin feeling like silk.

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Our Ingredients

We only use plant based, sustainable clean ingredients, cold pressed and single sourced resulting in premium quality products for ultra-hydrated, radiant skin. Our main ingredients from Africa are shea, argan, marula and baobab oil, and the supporting ingredients in our products come from various locations across the globe. All Shea Botanics products are free of parabens, sulfates and other harmful toxins.

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At Shea Botanics we are committed to creating a sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible range, with the highest quality ingredients. Our products are formulated and designed with the intention of caring for your skin, having a positive effect on African communities, and leaving a minimal environmental footprint. Our packaging is made of fully recycled and or recyclable material. Our precious oils are contained in amber glass which protects the contents from light exposure. Our black pipettes are temper proof for extra peace of mind.

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Shea Works

A word from our founder

We offer you naturally derived products from sustainable sources, responsibly packaged to reduce negative impact on the planet and to actively contribute to the African economy and future in a positive way. I invite you to join us on this journey – In a Beautiful Way.

Our logo represents African botanicals. At the heart is the Protea, the national flower of South Africa, which represents change and hope. It grows prolifically in the Cape Floral Kingdom, a region with a rich and diverse plant ecosystem. The plants are known locally as Fynbos. Nature's glory, growing between mountain and sea. Join us and discover another side of Africa - In a Beautiful Way

Nafisa - Founder